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Artist book of photographs and poetry.

First limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 198x129mm portrait.

120 pages, section sewn, softcover.

Papers: Munken Print White 100 gsm, Munken Lynx Rough 300 gsm.

Published in November 2021. 

Printed in Tallinn Book Printers, Estonia.

Language: English.

Edition of 200.

ISBN: 978-952-94-5457-0.

How can daily routines and physical activity serve as means to carry through, to mend what is broken, to tend the self like a garden—without giving up the memory of what is lost....


Daily Exercise navigates through heartbreak, long-distance, mental health triggers, and physical injury that unfold against the backdrop of changing times. When the familiar landscape of love empties, only a frame, a screen, an image remains.

When health and wellbeing are challenged in multiple ways, daily practices towards healing can turn the condition of grief into a gratitude practice. 

Daily Exercise uncovers raw, visceral feelings of absence and isolation that correspond with flora & fauna, urban spaces, textures & sensations. Poems and photographs exist in parallel, neither being explanatory, but rather participating in the storytelling as equals.

The Photographs in this book were made during times of loss, love, self-searching, injury, and personal healing. They have been captured on film, on iPhone, and on digital camera. Through processes of scanning, digital editing, and color darkroom printing, the photographs have taken their final form.

I think of you in pictures /

as pictures /

those are all in the past already today

Work supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

Daily Exercise, 2021 © Saara M. Scharlin, All Rights Reserved.

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Book description in Finnish.

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